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Other names: Gafftop sail, Sailcat

Description: Gafftop catfish were named "Sail Catfish" for the dorsal fin that rises from their back like a sail. Look closely and you can see the sharp spines that support the dorsal, or back, fin and the pectoral fins on the fish's sides. These spines are not only sharp, they're coated with toxic slime, too. (See the "MORE TIPS -n- TRICKS" section for info on "BELLY RUBS")

Habitat/Habits: The Gafftop Sailcat ranges from Panama to Cape Cod and is very abundant in Texas waters.

  Fishing tips: Best bait is Cut Eel, fished on the bottom. Fresh squid and live or fresh peeled shrimp also work well.

Method: Here is the simple rig I use in strong tides. Simply tie a Snap Swivel on the end of your main line and snap this rig to it. Make sure you have the Spider Weight above the bait to avoid snagging it on rocks when you get the fish in close. And remember...
"BIGGER baits catch BIGGER fish!"

Click Image below for Figure 8 Knot!

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