Other names: piggy, pigfish, grunt

Description: piggy perch, also called "pigfish" were probably named for their noises. Like other members of the grunt family, pigfish make a grunting sound by rubbing the teeth in their throat together. By night, pigfish use their throat teeth to grind up shellfish and small bits of other food. don't mistake the PIGGY for a "PIN PERCH", the pin perch has a more pointy dorsal fin.

Habitat/Habits: Adults spawn in the Gulf and the young grow up in the bays, living in grassy areas or on shoals.


Fishing tips: Mainly used for bait for other species; use peeled shrimp in the surf, Around Docks or Piers

How to use as Bait

Used Live, you hook your Piggy Perch just in front of its dorsal fin, But be careful not to poke it's lateral line! (The little black line running down it's side along the same contour as it's back) If you do this you may as well be using it as cut bait.

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