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Spotted sea trout live in shallow waters, usually near a sea grass bed, a reef, or a marsh. There, their greenish back and dark spots blend in with their surroundings.

When they're small, spotted sea trout eat mostly shrimp and some fish, graduating to an almost all fish diet as they grow larger.

The bait I've caught most of my larger trout in the surf with is live croaker about 8" long.

Here is a picture of my Prize Trout but this one was caught on shrimp.


Sand Trout

  Other Names: Sandy, Sand Sea trout

Description: Sand seat rout have large mouths, orange on the inside and with one or two rounded teeth at the front of the upper jaw. They are pinkish in color along their upper sides Average size is less than 1 pound.

  HABITS / Habitat: They feed on fish and shellfish which they catch in deeper bays, channels, and in the shallow Gulf. They feed on Shrimp, Small fish and other crustaceans.

Fact: Although common here, these fish live only in the Gulf of Mexico.

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