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Techniques for the PENDULUM Cast.

By: Manuel Z

This is a BAITCASTING reelPENDULUM BASICS: First things first, BAITCASTERS NOTE: If you value the skin on your thumb, WET the line in your reel with fresh water, Just before you cast. Now for how it's done. You simply swing your bait in a circle before casting...BACK...UP...and AROUND, As the bait comes down past your rod...THEN you load your rod and cast from 50 - 75 yards farther than normal. The secret is MOMENTUMinstead of loading from a stand still you are loading on a moving bait..."LOAD" means the , moment you start to swing your bait out to the water. Watch the fisherman in the following animation...

FULL PENDULUM (Extended Cast)

THE STANCE is a little different from your normal stance, You stand with your back at an angle towards the water. Your rod is at the same angle, But your swing is done in a circle (behind you) Note the blue line in the drawing indicating the swings position. Sounds strange but it will send your bait directly into the surf. With a little practice, You should eventually hit the third Gut from the beach.

Draw a line in the sand if you have to!

TIP: If you're right handed, your right toe and left heel are on the line,
Left handed, Left toe & right heel

Demonstration of the PENDULUM CAST
This is a 7 Second MPEG video of the PENDULUM CAST.
Depending on your browser and its settings, simply point at the picture and the video will begin to play.

You may also right click the video to download it


The Pendulum cast is a very powerful cast and will take a little practice to get used to. But once you perfect it, You'll be a PENDULUM CASTER for life! Take it slow at first. Just cast at a normal pace. Then as you get used to the technique, you can put more and more backbone into your casts.
Special note for open faced/Spinning reel users... Always tighten your drag to the MAXIMUM when you cast or the line will cut your finger! Immediately after casting, loosen your drag to your favorite setting.

Description of a "SHOCK" Leader.Another suggestion is to use a SHOCK LEADER, This is where you use a light line such as 20 Lb. test on your reel and on the end where your bait is, you use a very heavy line, From 50 Lb. test on up. This shock leader should be about twice the length of your Rod so it wraps around in the reel a couple of times, Using the Pendulum cast with 20 Lb line and a weight over 2 Oz. is not recommended because the force will pop your line on every cast. the Strong line CAN take the pressure, This is the reason its called a SHOCK LEADER. Another advantage is that when you have reeled in a large fish and that heavy line is now wrapping into your reel you can use a lot more pressure landing the fish.

Here is a Tip from Derek "Twiggers": "In the UK we recommend a multiplication factor of 10 for the Shock Leader, ie for a 3 ounce Weight use 30 Pound Shock Leader, For a 5 ounce weight use 50 pound Shock Leader...etc..."
Derek suggests you reguard these as a minimum table. Derek uses an 80 pound Shock Leader for a 5.25 ounce weight.
Thanks for the Tip Derek!!

Minimize your backlashes!!! This is a trick for learning to use a baitcasting reel with smaller Backlashes. Make a nice long cast (without a backlash) and then pull out a few arms lengths of line, Take a piece of tape and wrap it around the line in your reel. This trick won't keep you from backlashing but it will keep your backlashes from running deep into your spool, damaging all your line

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