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Daddy Pete's
Controlled Depth Casting Float
By: Manuel Z
Updated: November 08, 2001

Daddy Pete fishes an area that's 30 to 45 feet deep and he has found that the BIG FISH swim around 20 feet deep. After some trial and error with Balloons, Bottles and Store bought floats, He came up with this "Enlarged Slip Float" idea. His original idea was to use a float that resembles the float on a stringer. None of these gadgets casts very far.

After hearing my description of a Float with a weighted tip used at the "Lake Livingston Tail Races" (Below the Dam). He said he needed the weight to be able to pull the line (Through the float) down to his desired depth. His original idea was a simple 20 Oz bottle with a swivel attached to the top. Then a bead above it that stops the line when it hits the knot tied 20 feet up the line. Like the Balloon, the bottle doesn't cast very far.

The Problem was that he couldn't get a very good cast with these odd contraptions. So he came up with this simple solution. The Float had to be aerodynamic (THUS THE POINT) It had to hold up a weight that may be up to 5 or 6 Ounces (This is where the 2" Dia. and 4" to 5" length float idea comes in).

Casting Differences

SWIMMING NOODLESHe considered filling a 20 ounce bottle with foam and running the line through it but that would be expensive when you have to buy the can of spray Styrofoam not to mention messy!. Then he thought of using a 5" section of a "NOODLE" which is a swimming pool toy. then shaping it to a point.

Here is the result from several years of trying different methods to get the baits to go 20 feet deep in an area 50 to 100 yards away.

Note: This method would work fantastic in the deep water along a Jetty or Channel.

Cut a 4 to 5 inch section from a Swimming "Noodle"

Smooth out the Edges.

Insert a Plastic Tube or Coffee Straw. Daddy Pete likes to Super Glue the tube into the float. I guess Hot Glue would work just as well.

Give it a Little Paint job if you like. But, use LATEX PAINT. Not Spray Paint or Oil Based Paints because they will melt the foam.

Measure out enough line to match the depth you want your bait to be. Cut the line and tie it back together using a UNI-KNOT (See above drawing for actual set up sequence). I set mine up with a 20 foot long 40 Pound test shock leader so I can Pendulum Cast 3 and 4 ounce weights.

Here is what it will look like on your line

I made one and just dunked it in the paint. (DON'T DO THIS!) Because it will crack and wrinkle due to the softness of the foam. here is my all white casting float.

I've been busy! And experimenting with Weighted Floats Too.
Making the DPF's Experimenting with Weighted Floats

By the way... These things really get you on the fish!
32" Redfish after just 30 Minutes!
MZ with a Nice Blue Catfish

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